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Business Analytics & Research (BA&R)

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Helping Fidelity make better decisions

Our team uses a combination of advanced analytics, market research, decision sciences, and investment research to provide tactical and strategic business solutions to a broad range of Fidelity's businesses.

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Business Analytics & Research (BA&R) is a team of highly inquisitive professionals, who conduct open-ended, objective analysis to help our global partners at Fidelity make better decisions. Our associates use a combination of advanced analytics, market research, decision sciences, and investment research to provide business solutions. The team has several awards and accolades to its credit for its innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Here, you'll gain a holistic exposure to the U.S. financial services industry, spanning all Fidelity businesses.

No two days are the same at Fidelity. If analytics is what makes you tick, jump right in.
– Tina Muthanna
Director, Business Analytics and Research

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Our Service Portfolio

BA&R dives deep into challenges through a broad range of offerings – all with the potential to impact the business in a highly visible and meaningful way.

Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence


We develop algorithms based on an extensive amount of diverse, structured and unstructured, voice and visual data to unravel business insights for quick decision-making. Our data scientists constantly experiment with the latest big data platforms and technologies such as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Computing, to develop next-gen analytical solutions.

Digtial Analytics

Digtial Analytics

We drive the digital strategy for enhancing the online customer experience and understanding the end-to-end cross-channel behavior across Fidelity's digital properties and digital marketing activities; these include the online trading platform, mobile apps, paid search, natural search, display, and social media. Our analysts work closely with marketing and business functions leveraging data mining and text mining techniques on extensive clickstream data, customer feedback, marketing and customer data.

Decision Sciences

Decision Sciences

We specialize in building predictive analytical models, AI and data mining tools using advanced statistical learning and computing techniques across operations management, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, risk and compliance.

These techniques are deployed for prospect prioritization, customer lifecycle management, cross-sell, retention, demand forecasting, capacity planning and scheduling-to-performance evaluation. This helps improve customer engagement and also sometimes reduces the overall cost.

Market Research

Market Research

We provide insights around customer behavior, needs, satisfaction and loyalty, mining data from primary and secondary sources. This helps in effectively positioning Fidelity's solutions and offerings and improving the customer experience. We also provide competitive intelligence, focusing on business strategy and the latest industry developments, to help product and marketing teams make informed decisions.

Investment Research

Investment Research

We specialize in equity, funds and investment solutions research. Our equity analysts use fundamental, macro-economic and forensic accounting research to provide recommendations on stock selection and sector trends to portfolio managers to enable investment decisions. Our fund analysts conduct fund manager research, portfolio analytics, and performance, positioning and competitive research for Fidelity's funds across various asset classes. They also support the creation of financial tools for retirement income replacement. Our investment solutions research analysts study industry fund flows and themes to identify opportunities for Fidelity's products and solutions.

Blazing your own trail

BA&R provides extensive opportunities to our analysts to learn and grow in their careers through exposure to cutting-edge tools and techniques. Our analysts actively participate in industry seminars and conferences and contribute significantly to thought leadership in the industry.

You will also discover the freedom to explore your passions and are empowered to initiate projects, with access to ample resources and mentoring support. Working closely with senior professionals across the U.S., Europe, and Asia, you will gain tremendous exposure to the global financial industry.