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FMR India Business Analytics & Research

Business Analytics and Research (BA&R) is the analytical arm of FMR India. It is a nearly 400-member strong team and provides holistic exposure to the U.S. financial services industry spanning a range of Fidelity businesses. These businesses include: Fidelity Institutional, Fidelity Institutional Asset Management, Personal Investing, and Workplace Investing.


Our business analysts use a combination of advanced analytics, market research, decision sciences, and investment research to provide tactical and strategic business solutions.

Our Service Portfolio

Data Sciences

The Data Sciences team develops algorithms based on an extensive amount of diverse, structured, and unstructured data to uncover hidden trends, patterns, correlations and other business insights, which result in significantly better and faster decisions. Analysts constantly experiment with the latest Big Data platforms to provide actionable insights and real-time decision making.

Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics focuses on driving the overall digital strategy and enhancing the online customer experience through an analysis of extensive data from all digital channels.

Operations Analytics

Operations Analytics focuses on streamlining operations to enhance process efficiency and reduce overall cost. Analysts use various data mining tools to encompass the gamut of operations management, consisting of demand forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, and performance evaluation.

Market Research

Market Research includes survey analytics, business intelligence, and industry research using the latest tools and techniques to derive actionable insights from primary and secondary data sources.

Investment Research

Investment Research analyzes macro- and micro-economic environments to identify investment opportunities for stocks and sectors. Analysts work closely with portfolio managers on equity market views, forecasts, and recommendations on both asset and industry sector allocations.

Decision Sciences

Decision Sciences specializes in building predictive analytic models using advanced statistical techniques to support multiple business functions, including sales and marketing.







What Drives Our People?

BA&R provides extensive opportunities to our analysts to learn and grow in their careers through exposure to cutting-edge tools and techniques. The analysts gain rapid exposure to the global financial industry by working closely with senior finance professionals across geographies such as the U.S., Europe, and Asia. BA&R analysts actively participate in industry seminars and conferences and contribute significantly to thought leadership in the analytical industry.

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