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Our Culture
  We believe that it’s our people who make us unique and successful. The sensitive nature of our work necessitates a high degree of empowerment and ownership at all levels. Innovation led by proactive thinkers keeps us ahead in the market and lead many ‘Firsts’ in our business. They work together as one worldwide team enabling us to provide the highest levels of service to our customers.
Our Values
  Our Purpose and Standards
At Fidelity, our goal is to make financial expertise broadly accessible and effective in helping people live the lives they want. These efforts have always been possible because of the standards of doing business we set for ourselves and measure our success against.

Making sound judgments for the long term. Maintaining the health and stability of our company will always be one of the most important responsibilities we have to our customers and anyone we do business with. Privately held for nearly 70 years, we have the stability, resources, and flexibility to invest for the long term. With consistent leadership and a diversified lineup of businesses, this gives our customers the confidence they need to invest for the future. For Fidelity, building a stronger future starts with making sound decisions today.


Acting in good faith and taking pride in getting things just right. The personal commitment each of us makes to go the extra mile for our customers and put their interests before our own is a big part of what has always made Fidelity a special place to work and do business. With millions relying on us for their savings or the growth of their business, we handle every action and decision with integrity and personal attention to detail. Getting things just right doesn't mean we're perfect, but rather setting high standards, refusing to cut corners, and believing that every product, every experience, and every outcome can always be better.

Treating every moment as an opportunity to improve people's lives. With families and businesses turning to Fidelity to help them make some of the most complex decisions of their lives, we have an obligation to do everything in our power to put them at ease and help them realize their own unique goals and aspirations. For Fidelity, compassion also means being a good steward, neighbor, and employer. That means investing thousands of hours in the communities in which we work and live, treating our associates with the same respect and courtesy we show our customers, and providing associates with opportunities to realize their professional potential.

Using our insights to drive confidence, clarity, and results. Our commitment to applying our expertise to solve complex challenges is a source of pride. We see the results of the insights we make accessible every day-whether it's helping customers save for retirement with financial guidance and investment viewpoints, teaching financial literacy in our schools through employee volunteer programs, or offering policymakers ideas to increase savings rates. Whether we are serving investors, institutions, or financial advisors, we recognize that expertise is only valuable when it's simple to use and easy to understand.

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