Tazeen Syeda, Director – Fidelity Brokerage Technology, Fidelity Investments India, muses about her journey that led her to Fidelity, and how the firm’s thriving and inclusive culture has empowered her to sharpen her technology acumen and leadership influence.

Describe your journey so far.

I graduated from Vijaya College, Bangalore, where I specialized in mathematics, economics, and statistics. My journey as a professional began at a young age, initially in the field of direct selling from which I transitioned to the corporate sector, working primarily in contact centers, where I managed customer service and technical support operations.

For a considerable portion of my career, I worked at Hewlett Packard, India, where I gained valuable experience in the corporate space and honed my skills as a professional. My role involved addressing customer inquiries and providing technical assistance to them. This experience equipped me with a solid foundation in customer relationship management and technical problem-solving.

Subsequently, I embarked on a new chapter in my career by joining Microsoft in India. During my tenure there, I supported customer relationship management for the US and EMEA regions. My role enabled me to interact with diverse teams and customers across different regions, helping to further enhance my global perspectives, cross-cultural communication, and technical skills.

My educational background in mathematics, economics, and statistics, together with my extensive professional experience, has provided me with a unique skill set – I am adept at analyzing data, solving complex problems, and delivering exceptional customer service. These skills have been instrumental in my career growth and success both in the technology industry and broader corporate world.

What made you choose Fidelity as a preferred employer?

When I was first approached for the role at Fidelity, I had limited knowledge about the expansive world of services and opportunities that Fidelity offers. I soon enough learnt that Fidelity was a significant player in the financial services industry.

As I contemplated the prospect of joining Fidelity, the advice and opinions of friends and family weighed heavily on my decision-making process. They consistently emphasized Fidelity’s reputation as one of the most stable and ethically driven organizations to be associated with. This was a pivotal motivator for me in considering a career with Fidelity.

The reassurance of stability and ethical practices resonated strongly with my personal values and career aspirations. I recognized that aligning myself with such an esteemed institution would not only provide a secure foundation for my profe