Sanchita, Director, Fidelity Institutional Technology, Fidelity Investments India, shares highlights of her career journey with the firm that have molded her into a technology leader who continuously seeks out opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute towards Fidelity’s success and future.

Describe your journey so far.

After graduating from the University of Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE), Bangalore as an electronics and communication engineer, with excitement and fear in equal proportion, I entered the software industry with Fidelity Investments as my first employer. Like any other new joiner, I started out at the firm with the perception that it is a norm to change one’s job every few years. However, here I am today, as excited and ready to face new challenges and opportunities every day as I was the first day at Fidelity, even as I complete 18 years of my career journey with Fidelity.

What made you choose Fidelity as a preferred employer?

Following my graduation from my engineering course, all I wanted to do was work in a multinational company that would pay well and had a good brand in the market. With a couple of offers in hand, the reason I chose to join Fidelity was because its business was financial services, which fascinated me.

How would you describe your journey with Fidelity so far?

From my journey as a graduate trainee engineer to being a director of technology today, I have had opportunities to play many key roles in the software development lifecycle across multiple business units of Fidelity. With the exposure I have gained through various business and technology roles during my tenure, I have been able to appreciate the varying points of view of different stakeholders and apply strategies that I have learnt from these experiences in all the roles I have played so far. The career mobility opportunities I have had across multiple business units have helped me to understand the requirements of various stakeholders and how to offer solutions accordingly.

Fidelity is a customer-obsessed company. The rich and diverse assignments that I have been privileged to get exposed to over the years have helped me to contribute my bit towards building the organization of the future.

I think that with most of the roles I have applied for through my career, I have known only 50% of each of them. However, I would apply for each role because I wanted to try it out as I hadn’t had the opportunity to do so yet. I believe I had the audacity to apply for, get interviewed, and perform each role successfully because of two critical factors:

1) The culture at Fidelity Investments, where mobility, risk-taking, and curiosity are encouraged

2) A big list of mentors I have had throughout my career journey, who have helped me become who I am to